Sunday, May 9, 2010

Watching Cherry Blossom (17-18 April 2010)

When I first came to Korea, I didn't know that Korea also have cherry blossom (sakura). In Korea, it's called   벚꽃(potkkot). So when I found out that Korea have it, I was really happy ^^. This year was the second time I went to see the cherry blossom. My friends and I went to Hangang Park Yeouido and around the National Assembly. As expected, it was soooo crowded! But I still enjoyed the view since it wouldn't last long :(
By the way, Korea's cherry blossom is white or pinkish white, different from Japan's.

I took this picture at Yeouido, near 63 Building. We had a walk along the street and enjoyed the view. I like how the trees made a formation like this^^

This was near the National Assembly. As usual, a lot of people came. This year the flowers were blooming late, so this event was a long-awaited one.

I like how the flowers took up the space and covered the street sign.

People: young, old, families, lovers, friends..All of them poured to the park enjoying the annual beautiful scenery.

The grand building of National Assembly across the line of cherry blossom trees. Double beauty.

There are also cherry blossom trees in my university. This was taken at Ewha Elementary School that is located behind my dorm. Beautiful, aren't they?

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the pics^^
See you again in my next post!

It (cherry blossom) is beautiful because it doesn't last long (NEWS - Sakura Girl)


  1. wiii~ enak bangettt~
    walopun bukan di jepang, ternyata di seoul sakura-nya juga cantik XD
    berasa jadi sakura girl dong setz XDDD

  2. Iya Na, kesampean obsesi jadi Sakura Girl XDD

  3. iya yak ka setsu, ga sepink sakura yang ada di jepang, tapi bagus banget, sugoii udah ngeliat potkkot :D
    ayo share2 lagi..

  4. keyen keyen keyen....*tetep menghayal ke korea*

  5. @TegoRu: iyaaa bisa ngeliat aja udah syukur banget^^ btw thanks for following, rajin2 baca yaa

    @teguh: ayo ke siniiiii hehe

  6. gue baca blok loh.. dah ngerasa di korea...*lebaydotcom*