Friday, May 7, 2010

My dorm at Ewha

Good night all^^
Tonight I'll show you my room at Ewha Graduate Student Dormitory.
It's located inside the campus, near Ewha Children Center & students' cafeteria.

I'm sharing the room with another Indonesian student, Atri. I was glad of that, because it made me easier in adapting rather than sharing the room with student from other country^^;
Ah, one thing, pictures below are taken by Atri, and she kindly allowed me to share them here.

Aliens' room^^. Why I call myself as an "alien"? It's because as a foreigner, I have to report to the Immigration and obtained "Alien Registration Card". I wonder which other countries use the term "alien" for "foreigner"? So unique^^

When I entered my room for the first time, I wondered. "Isn't it a hotel room?" XD
I mean, look at the bathroom! It has 24-hour hot water! And look at those big mirror, you'll know what I mean...

Go out of the bathroom and turn left, there are a shared mini fridge and my closet^^. The fridge can store our raw food stock for 1 week, but we put all the spices on top of it since the fridge is always full.

My roommate's bed. I couldn't put mine because it's too messy now hehehe... She likes Super Junior and put their poster on her wall. On the other side of the wall, there are controllers for air conditioner (used in summer) and heater (used in winter). So convenient!

Lastly, here is the spot where we spend the time most, the desk! *drumrolls*
 High speed 24-hour internet is provided, so it makes us easier in searching for materials for our assignments...I am so amazed by Korea's high speed internet, and I think I will miss it a lot when I go back to my country T^T

Hmm okay, I think that's all for tonight. I'll post again tomorrow, with different topic. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and don't forget to follow me if you have Blogger account^^


  1. whoaa!!! it's soooo cozy dormy room xDD
    u're looks like hotel room for me too...xDD

    and the internet speed...ughh...envy...envy...xP

    i'm stalking u ^O^

  2. beda beda beda.. beda banget ma tmpt zuna wwkwkww :P hai~ zuna uda follow^^

  3. Nana: Yeah, it's a lot cozier than my room in Jakarta XD. And the internet speed is a blessing :D. Please keep reading my blog, hehe

    Zuna: Thanks for following. Zuna ada blogspot tak? Hehe dorm Zuna juga bagus, nuansanya beda..

  4. Jadi inget dormy room pas gue di Jepang, Setz... Kamar gue juga nyaman banget!!! Berasa di hotel... Kangeeennnnnnn!!!!!!! >_<


  5. ah keren sets..
    gue jd pengen deh kuliah di asia2 sana kkkkk
    hehehe doain rencana gue ya ka setz ;)

    itu pantesan lo jd demen suju yah, btw hahahahaa /kicked
    and the provided high speed network ! aaa gue ngiri krkk di Indonesia nyari wifi high speed aja susahnyoo~
    dan heater ! di sana dinginnya dingin bukan main deshou ? aa.. ii na~

  6. Wiru: Iyaaa kok keren2 ya dorm di Korea & Jepang, ckckck...Thanks for visiting, jangan bosen2 ya^^

    Iyoo: Amin smoga kesampean..Ntar tingkat 3 cari2 exchange aja ke Jepang/Korea :D
    Huehe iya internetnya deh yg paling cihuy! Kayanya bakal paling kangen ama internet deh ntar LOL

  7. beda bener sama asrama UI *ngarep*

  8. I followed your blog.
    Update lagi doonk.. I'm your stalker. Hihihi..