Thursday, March 25, 2010

First semester in Ewha (March 2009)

After a warm welcoming ceremony, we started classes next day. I was happy because my major, Health & Environment, had a lot of field trips to Korean facilities like Korean National Tuberculosis Association, Asan Medical Center, The Sihwa Constructed Reed Wetland, Silvercare (health care for elderly), etc. Those experiences enriched my knowledge in health & environment practice. I will write about my field trips experiences later, and now I'll write my impressions about Ewha.

At first, I didn't know that Ewha Womans University (or nicknamed as 이대 /idae) is a top university in Korea, because I never browsed about universities in Korea before ^^. So I was grateful when knowing that Ewha is one of the top universities. Moreover, it's the best women's university in Korea. I was quite shock during the first weeks, because most of the girls in here dress very beautifully, as if they are celebrities. But as time goes by, I could get used to it.

Ewha is located in Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul and is exactly located in the end of shopping districts. You can find coffee & tea shops, clothing, shoes, cosmetics and a bunch of Korean and international restaurants around here, so whenever you get bored in your room, you can just step out and find a place to sit and enjoy the view of shoppers (or passers-by) ^^.

The above pic is what will you see after entering Ewha's main gate. The big building at the left side is 대강당 / Welch-Ryang Hall, the hall we use for graduation and admission ceremony (and also for concerts, hehe). The smaller building which looks like a house from middle-age is Clara Hall. Sometimes I dream of having a house like that XD.
When you turn right, you can see Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) which is an integrated buildings. It consists of 4 floors that has reading rooms, classrooms, a lot of student's lounges, a gym, a conference and exhibition hall, restaurants, a movie theatre, coffee shops like Starbucks, Richemont bakery, convenience stores, and also facilities like Shinhan Bank, Starbucks, Canon printing center, Kyobo bookstore, etc. It's like a one-stop service for students.

Can you see the building at the end of the stairs? This is the picture of it.

It's Pfeiffer Hall, the main hall. I think it's also one of the most recognized building in Ewha besides Welch-Ryang Hall and ECC. But unfortunately I never have a chance to enter the building. It's a grand building, isn't it?

I can't put all the buildings' picture in this post because it's labeled as "spring", but I'll post more pictures in different posts ^^
See you!