Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Watching SM Town Concert 2010 (Aug 21)

Uh-oh...I've been abandoning this blog for 2 months T_T
I was on my hometown for a month, and came back to Korea on August 12, but then everything came in a same time. Moving dorm, new campus, graduation day... I couldn't manage my time so this blog was kinda put on hibernate *bows*

Okaaay, now comes the talk!
Finally, this year I could watch SM Town 2010!
Last year I was anticipating for this event but suddenly it got canceled T_T
So this year, I was happy that they made it.

What I remembered the most was: the weather was very very HOT.
Summer oh summer...But it's better than raining, of course (the week before, I watched Super Junior's SS3 concert and the rain was terrible).
So, I went to Jamsil Stadium with Atri, Pampam (her brother), and Tommy. At the stadium we met Widhi and Qonita. What a happy day^^

Look, how crowded it was...

Being loyal fans (?), Atri and I straightly took a line to buy the merchandise. The line had already been long, but I thought they had a lot of stocks, so we didn't have to worry. Our picks were of course: the concert's photobook and Super Junior's merchandise ^^

At about 4 PM, we entered the venue. We got separate seats (I sat with Atri, Pampam with Qonit, Widhi and Tommy got other seats). It's because the seat-selecting system was based on luck, hahaha...

This is what I like from Kpop fans...They are all very dedicated to their idols. They made the banners and even sat together with fellow fans from the same group/singer, so they'd create a beautiful view when they waved the light sticks.
The example of the light stick "ocean"..Pink belongs to SNSD's fans.

The concert was, of course fun! Especially when the remaining members of DBSK (Changmin & Yunho) appeared. I've been wanting to watch them since I came to Korea, so even if I only watched the two of them, I felt happy. Apparently a lot of Japanese fans came for them, because the two of them now aren't active in Japan. Hmmm I hope someday they'll reunite and rock the world again~

Okay, because the show began late, it ended late too. We went home at almost 12 AM, so we couldn't catch the last train T_T
We took a taxi finally, and spent money 4 times than if we took the subway^^;
But it worthed, so yeah~