Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Students in Korea (WSK) 3rd Batch Camp (Day 1)

This year the summer in Korea is as hot as last year! We, the WSK 3rd batch were having a 2 days camp in Gunsan and Jeonju, and fortunately the weather during our camp wasn't hot! It even rained, and according to the guide (Ms. Sujin), Korea has that kind of "rainy season" which lasts for several days during summer^^

So, on Friday July 2nd, we departed from Apgujeong, heading south to Gunsan which took about 3 hours. It was a long but fun trip.

Our huge bus^^

Arrived in Gunsan, an industrial estate, reminded me of Kawasan Industri MM2100 in Cibitung where I used to work before. We watched a short introductory movie of Hyundai Heavy Industries, and later we visited the ship-building factory. I was so impressed by the large size of the ships and the components. Since we couldn't take pictures, so I don't have the pics in that ship-building factory.

After that, we had lunch in a nice Korean restaurant. The menu were beef stew and tuna for those who don't eat beef. It was a nice lunch^^

Then, we continued to visit another Hyundai factory, which was Wind Turbine factory. Again, we were fascinated by the technology that Korea has. In the exhibition hall, we saw the samples of the wind turbine components, such as solar modules, solar inverters, generators, etc. After that, we had a chance to visit the wind turbine assembly factory. It's very huge compared to the assembly factory of electronics products *of course!*

Finishing our company visit, we headed to Jeonju Hanok Village, a very beautiful place with traditional nuance. We visited Jeonju Traditional Wine Museum where we tried to make makgolli (Korean traditional rice wine). The smell is like Indonesia's air tape, but I didn't try the taste^^
Beautiful, isn't it?

Me & Shwe from Myanmar tried to filter the fermented rice to make makgolli.

From the museum, we moved to our traditional inn named 부용헌 (Buyongheon). I liked it very much!! It was so soothing...
The inn

We were assigned to a group of 3, and my roommates were Dewi from Indonesia and Hu from China. Look!  The room was very cozy and the folded bed had a beautiful color^^

At night, we had a dinner of Jeonju's specialty, bibimbap. It was delicious^^
Then, we had a game in which we're divided into 3 groups, and we chose Sian, our magnae as the representative, hehehe...

Nice move, Sian XD

Ending the 1st day, we enjoyed pansori ( a kind of Korean traditional music) and also traditional music performances. Some of the music was so soothing that made me sleepy^^ but some were energetic and cheerful. I had a great time.

Gayageum and janggu performance

An ensemble of gayageum, janggu and sogeum (I don't know the name of one wind instrument)

Pansori. This lady was very attractive and she sang very well.

Quite a long day, wasn't it? That night, we Indonesian girls (Dewi, Sian, Widhi & I) took a long walk along the street to find some karaoke place, but we found none^^ So we went back to our inn. I watched soccer match between Netherlands vs Brazil in Sian/Widhi's room^^ Yeah, Indonesians love soccer!

That's all for the 1st day and I'll be back with the report of our 2nd day trip. Thanks for reading and commenting!