Monday, May 17, 2010

One Fine Spring Day (May 2, 2010)

As many of you may realize, this year, spring came late to Korea. Usually the weather would be getting warm started from March, but this year, it even snowed on late March! But aside of the late coming, spring is always nice. Chilly breeze combined with a not-so-bright sunshine, it's a perfect day to leave the hibernating period and step outside ^o^

So, that day, my friends and I went to go for a walk along Hangang Park in Yeouido. As we expected, it was so crowded with people (and pets actually^^). We rode the bicycles, played at the fountain, stared at the river, and sat on the grass enjoying the breeze.

It's refreshing and envying to see lovers rode the bicycle, hehehe...

 Look! Even there were some families building tents there^^

After cycling for an hour, we took break here...
Sitting on the stone floor and put our feet in the water while watching the scenery of Han River, so peaceful that I forgot about my assignments for a while^^

That dome-like building is a cafe and we also spent some time there. 
This kid was playing with the fountain beside the cafe.

The identical buildings at the foreground are Twin Building (Twin Tower), the headquarter of LG Electronics, one of the biggest electronic company in Korea and in the world...and also the company I used to work for before^^
The brown building at the background is 63 Building, a very famous building in Korea.

Side note:
I really, really hope that Jakarta will have the facility like Hangang Park, where people can relax and enjoy the scenery for free and safely. I know that we have some facilities, but most of them are not free and not so enjoyable, some are not clean enough. I think we have a lot of potentials to develop something like this if people and government join hands together to create a better environment for the city. Go go Indonesia!


  1. ya ampun ini asik banget setsu.. airnya langsung ngalir ke sungai han~ mana airnya bersih bgt yaa :))
    pengen di jakarta sungai ciliwungnya disulap kayak gini :P

  2. Iyaaa aernya bersih. Katanya sih dulu juga kotor, trus pemulihan gitu puluhan tahun..keren ya, berharap ciliwung suatu saat bisa kayak gini T_T

  3. enak banget ka..
    pasti itu relaxing banget :))
    semoga bisa mengispirasi Indonesia (entah kapan)

  4. Betul, relaxing banget...
    Gratis pula hehe^^
    Semoga pemerintah Indonesia suatu saat mau bikin yg kayak gini..

  5. waaaaa....pasti enak tuh ky gtu...
    Tp gw lbih ngarepin kmacetannya ja d yg bisa lbih dtanggulangin...sring bqn stress...

    Tp mang sie, klo da t4 ky gtu, itu juga bisa jd satu plarian mhilangkan stress yg paling pas y...
    Skarang deket cempaka mas juga da taman tuh, lmyn luas en rapi juga MASIH bersih...ahahahahahaaa...ntah kdepan2nya ky pa jdnya d...cuma cuaca yg panas tetep biqin agak ga napsu juga maen kstu...mungkin klo puun2nya lbih byk lbih asik kle ye, jd teduh gtu... :p