Sunday, June 27, 2010

Watching Dream Concert (May 22)

Okay, I feel so lame that I always post a long-gone event T_T
*blame all those assignments that made me crazy*

However, amidst those crazy weeks full of assignments, I still managed to entertain myself by watching concerts XD. Since last year, I always attend Dream Concert (DreamCon) in which many Korean popular singers performing, and also of which the ticket is cheap. Only 5,000 won (~ Rp 50.000). That's just freakin cheap, and me likes cheap things, hehehe... I also watch DreamCon especially to see my favorite K-pop group, Super Junior ^^. This May was their comeback and I really wanted to see them perform 미인아 (Bonamana) live.

Okay, so I went with my friend Atri and met two others at Sangam World Cup Stadium. It was raining, so we had to buy rain coats. I hate rain becoz it makes things look more difficult, but I knew I'd still enjoy the show^^
Me wearing the light blue.

At 7 PM, the show began. The MCs were Ok Taecyeon (2PM), Shin Saekyung (actress from K-drama High Kick), and Kim Heechul (Super Junior). IMO, both male MCs were very attractive but the female MC was still stiff, maybe because that was her first time doing MC.

Left-right: Kim Heechul - Shin Saekyung - Ok Taecyeon

There were 21 artists (solo singers and girl/boy groups) performing, named U-kiss, Rainbow, F.Cuz, Ze:a, f(x), davichi, MBLAQ, CN Blue, B2ST, SHINee, SS501, Rain, T-ara, 4minutes, After School, Kara, Wonder Girls, 2PM, SNSD, Lee Hyori, and Super Junior. They all performed with their own unique characteristics. The cute and energetic SHINee, the calm and mature SS501, the fresh CN Blue (and the only live band XD), the sexy Kara and After School, the cool Lee Hyori who brought a motorbike on the set, and of course the long awaited Wonder Girls and Super Junior! I was very entertained and I hope I can attend the next year's DreamCon.

CN Blue (but only Jungshin and Yonghwa in this picture)



Rain (it seems his appearance was omitted in the televised version) T_T

Super Junior

The closing performance by all artists.

The crowd at the station after the show. Though we were all wet, but we're happy!! ^^


  1. mostly i don't like korean drama, artist and music, no offense please . .hehehhehe . .

    BTW, Themenya sooooo Korean, but, kok Bannernya kanji 4 musim Jepang? bukannya aksara Jepang dan korea sangat jauh berbeda?

  2. Hehehe, saya juga nggak begitu suka kok..
    Cuma yah kebetulan tinggal di korea, mau ga mau terpapar deh^^

    Kanji Korea untuk musim sama kok ama kanji Jepang, cuma cara bacanya aja beda..kan asalnya sama2 dari Cina^^

    Btw thanks for dropping by :)

  3. owh, jadi mreka pake kanji musim yang sama . .baru tau . .makasih dah nambah ilmu kpda saya . awkakwakwakw . .

    jadi tinggal di korea, sugoooooooi. korea wa ii tokoro desune ^^v.

    okay, sama2 . .

  4. aaaa cool. cool. cool.
    how cheap the ticket was!
    i wanna meet donghae and you're so damn lucky could see his perfomance.
    but i heard he want to marry -_-

    hope you enjoy your life there :)
    seoul is awesome :D

  5. @Larry: Yup, beberapa kata dalam bahasa Korea bahkan terdengar mirip dengan bahasa Jepang ^^
    Sou desune..Koko wa ii tokoro desu^^ Demo Nihon ni ikitai^^

    @Vinashtika: Thanks^^ Yup, some concerts are very cheap coz they are supported by the government. Where did you hear that Donghae wants to marry?? I think he's still young =_=
    Thanks..I hope someday you can come here :)

  6. kirain itu Koyama,ternyata si Rain
    rada2 mirip deh XDD

  7. @Anonymous: Huahaha pendapat kita sama nih..Gw juga merasa Rain mirip Koyama^^