Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Touch down in Korea (26.02.2009)

Hmm, I'm trying my best to recall my memory. I left Jakarta on February 25th, 2009 and landed in Seoul the next morning. The flight wasn't so smooth as we kept on being in bad weather and had to fasten our seat belt. Being our first time to Korea, the four of us (Au, Atri, Ludi & me) felt lost, but luckily Atri's friend, Ayu, came to pick us at the airport. Then she took us to our soon-to-be home for 1.5 years, Ewha Womans University (I'll tell you the details about my university later, hehehe). Although winter had ended, but the temperature was still low that we felt freezing. It's natural for us who come from a tropical country like Indonesia, isn't it? The first sensation was like..."Wow, I felt like being in a giant freezer!" LOL. We were suffering but trying to get used to it.

Arrived at our dormitory after dragging our suitcases for about 200 meters from the bus stop, we registered to the office and got the password number of our rooms. I was placed in the same room with Atri at room A415, while Au was with Ludi at A506. We were so amazed with the convenience at our rooms. They look like hotel rooms! You can take a peek here (I'm gonna post the pics of my room later).

The next day, we attended the opening ceremony for our program, Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development. We had a briefing and lunch with the Dean, Professors, and assistants.

First time is always good! I enjoyed the Korean foods they served on that welcoming ceremony, but I had to be extra careful because most of Korean foods use pork that I'm forbidden to eat.
Also, I fell in love at the first sight with Ewha's landscape. The campus has a Western style buildings, being it as a product of an American missionary project. The campus is a blend of beautiful buildings with 1800s' style and modern buildings such as ECC (Ewha Campus Complex) that becomes the most attractive building at Ewha.

I just realized I don't have the buildings' pics in this computer *LOL*, so I took one from wiki ^^.
And this was our first pic with ECC on the background..From left to right: Au - me - Ludi - Atri.

Okay, that's all for the "first" theme. I'll write more about what I experienced during my 2009's spring next time. See you!


  1. wow~
    universitasmu keren bangeet *is ngiler*
    wah ka vie you adaptate well there, hebat~ how long did it take ?
    btw, gue browse site universitynya dan ada satu jurusan yang gue pengen, ada di situ..
    it's the 'Space Design' (itu kayak interior desainnya ya ?)
    bagus ga di situ ?
    dan dormnya, WOW. kereeeen :D
    *PS : thanks for following !*

  2. Space design masuk fakultas mana yoo?
    Gw malah ga tau ada jurusan itu XD *is smacked*
    Iyaaa dorm-nya super nyaman, enak bgt...

  3. wow! sekolahnya mantep setsu!...
    ditunggu update-an nya
    eh eh.. ada psychology kagak? XD
    btw dikau itu masuk kelas internationalnya ya?

  4. Psychology ada banget lah Nad...masuk Human science kalo ga salah. Iya gw masuk GSIS (Graduate school of international studies)

  5. Masuk di Arts~ kekekeke
    di division School of Design
    iya, dari foto2nya terlihat nyaman sekali
    (entah saya malah kepikirannya yang di drama2 sana huahahaha)